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Senior and Memory Care Super Foods

4 June 2020

We want to thank in advance “Active Beat” who publishes insightful works on healthy lifestyles. They recently offered advice for senior care givers regarding nutritional health. Here at Canton’s Manor Lake Assisted Living & Memory Care, we gladly share the following with you today whether you’re providing senior assisted living...

Tips For You New Senior Assisted Living Care Givers

4 June 2020

Well, the new year is upon us. It’s early January and from experience, we here at Canton’s Manor Lake Assisted Living and Memory Care know that many of you purposely (and understandably) chose to ignore the notion that your senior loved one is now fully dependent. That is something so...

About Long-Term Care Insurance and Professional Assisted Living Services

3 June 2020

Suppose your elderly mother or father is struggling with day-to-day activities like laundry, cleaning and cooking. But he or she is not truly ill and doesn’t need a high level of daily health care. You worry about him or her walking up and down stairs or carrying a bag of...

Lessons Learned from Three At-Home Memory Care Support Providers

3 June 2020

Regular readers of our Manor Lake BridgeMill Assisted Living & Memory Care blog know that we provide loving care to their assisted living or memory care dependent loved one. Today, we offer due credit to “BrightFocus Foundation” as the primary source for this blog post and for their genuine professionalism...