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Maintaining Connection with Your Loved One or Senior Parent

It's so important to maintain a connection with your senior parent or loved one. We believe it's crucial to help prevent loneliness and isolation. There are great ways to maintain connections with loved ones, and technology can be very beneficial. We have family nights, and you can visit anytime, 24/7, to be with your family whenever they need you or you need them.

Here at Manor Lake, we have a wonderful technology called Life Loop. It allows us to connect with families, and your loved one can connect with you. You can see what your loved one is doing throughout the day, including the activities they are participating in and the meals they are eating. We can post pictures throughout the day, and you can check in on them and also see upcoming events at Manor Lake.

If you have any questions about maintaining that connection with your loved one, please reach out to us. We want nothing more than for you to maintain that connection and see your loved one whenever you want.