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Top 3 Signs that it's time to start looking into a Senior Living Community

  1. Is your loved one having a difficult time managing their activities of daily living.
  2. Recent falls or any changes in mobility.
  3. Is your loved one isolated.

Here are the top three signs that it is time for your loved one to start looking into a senior living community:

  1. Difficulty managing activities of daily living: If your loved one is having a hard time with tasks like bathing, laundry, shopping, or managing finances, it may be time to consider senior living.
  2. Recent falls or changes in mobility: Any recent falls or noticeable changes in mobility are significant indicators.
  3. Isolation and lack of interest: If your loved one is isolated, showing a lack of interest, or exhibiting signs of general depression, senior living can help them stay active, involved, and engaged in the community.

If you have noticed any of these signs with a loved one, please give us a call here at Manor Lake. We would love to help you navigate the world of senior living.